During    the    season    a    variety    of fish    can    be    caught    at    Hatchet pond,    New    Forestet    Pond    and Little    Hatchet    including    Roach, Bream,   Tench,   Carp,   Pike,   Pearch, Eels   and   Rudd.   Coarse   fishing   on the   Forestry   Commission   Hatchet Pond   opens   from      June   16th   2016 until 14th March 2017   In   order   to   fish   at   Hatchet   Pond   or   Little   Hatchet   you   will   require   a   Forestry Commission   fishing   permit   and   an   Environment   Agency   Rod   License.   Forestry Commission   Fishing   Permits   are   available   as   day,   week   or   season   tickets   and are available from the outlets below:   •The Queens House, High Street, Lyndhurst (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm) •Roundhill Campsite,  Brockenhurst •East Boldre Post Office,  East Boldre •Poingdestres Angling Centre, Southampton •Loni's Angling Centre,  New Milton •Nobles Fishing,  Blackfield  


Beaulieu   Health   is   the   only   place   in the   New   Forest   where   you   can   fly Model    Aeroplanes.    The    area    of tarmac    used    is    part    of    Beaulieu Airfield         where        many        anti- submarine   operations   were   flown from during WW2. The      Beaulieu   Model   Flying   Committee   run   the   flying   at   Beaulieu   Health. Model   aircraft   can   be   flown   from   8am   until   half   an   hour   before   sunset.   You will   require   a   permit   to   fly   and   also   be   a   member   of   the   British   Model   Flying Assocation which provides you with 3rd party insurance. The    Annual    Permit    can    be    obtained    from    The    Beaulieu    Model    Flying Committee .

Water skiing

WakeBoarding,        Kayaking        and Stand-up   Paddle   Boarding   can   also be   found   in   the   New   Forest.   Visit The   New   Forest   Water   Park   for   a range     of     family     friendly     water based activities. New   Forest   Water   Park    Ringwood Road,     Fordingbridge,     Hampshire SP6 2EY

Canoeing & Kayaking

The    New    Forest    Activities    Centre provide   a   range   of   activities   for   all the   family   from   water   based   events such   as   kayaking   and   canoeing   to land   based   events   such   as   archery, cycling   and   battlefield   live   combat games.    The    perfect    way    to    get young   kids   out   on   the   water.   Join   our   family   canoe   trips   for   a   fantastic   90 minute   session   on   the   stunning   Beaulieu   River.   Expert   guides   and   loads   of wildlife to spot, skills to learn fun for the family. Any age welcome. New Forest Activities - Booking Centre The Old Forge, Beaulieu, SO42 7YA Tel: 01590 612377


The     Beaulieu     River     is     centrally located   on   the   Solent,   close   to   the sailing        centres        of        Cowes, Lymington   and   Southampton,   and is    one    of    the    most    picturesque rivers   and   marinas   along   the   south coast.   Set   within   the   heart   of   the New   Forest   National   Park,   Buckler's Hard   Yacht   Harbour   offers   a   unique   location   for   short   and   overnight   stays   or permanent    moorings    all    year    round.    There    are    full    marina    services    and facilities   available   including   a   boat   yard,   valet   service   and   fuel,   as   well   as lavatories, showers and a launderette. Buckler’s Hard Yacht Harbour


Cycling     in     the     New     Forest     is permitted       on       most       public highways.   The   usual   rules   of   the road   apply   but   please   follow   the Cycle    Code    to    make    your    ride safer     for     yourself     and     other forest users. The   National   Park   has   many   quiet country   lanes,   perfect   for   cycling,   as   well   as   over   100   miles   of   way-marked cycle tracks across the Crown Lands of the Forest. The   varied   terrain   makes   it   a   cycling   destination   for   all   ages   and   abilities   but   it is   most   suited   to   recreational   riders,   couples   and   family   groups.   The   New Forest   is   the   most   recently   formed   National   Park   in   the   UK   but   the   fragile forest   environment   gives   home   to   many   species   of   flora   and   fauna   which need   protection   from   the   pressure   weighed   down   by   recreational   use.   With over    13    million    visitor    days    spent    in    the    New    Forest    every    year,    the management   of   recreational   use   is   crucial   to   the   future   of   the   New   Forest habitats, and as cyclists, we need to ensure we keep to the designated trails. Visit Cyclexperience  for cycle hire information. For a map of The New Forest National Park Cycle Routes

Horse Riding

Exploring    this    unique    place    on horseback    seems    only    natural. Explore    open    forest,    paddle    in shady     streams     wherever     you choose    there's    always    stunning flora   and   fauna   to   see   along   the way. The   Crown   Lands   of   the   Forest   permit   open   access   for   horse   riders   and provide   plenty   of   suitable   tracks,   although   riders   are   expected   to   keep   to   the tracks,   roads   and   bridleways.   Riders   will   find   plenty   of   country   pubs   and restaurants   along   the   way,   as   well   as   accommodation   offering   livery   facilities. Remember   that   animals   roam   freely   in   the   forest   and   you   may   meet   donkeys, cattle and ponies while out riding . Stallions are turned out only in spring. The   British   Horse   Society   recommends   that   before   undertaking   any   riding   in the   New   Forest,   both   horse   and   rider   should   be   adequately   insured   against public    liability.    The    British    Horse    Society    can    provide    public    liability    and personal   accident   insurance   cover   as   well   as   many   benefits   if   you   join   as   a member    (terms    and    conditions    and    territorial    limits    apply).    For    more information or to join, visit their Membership section.   The British Horse Society Approved Establishments:   ARNISS EQUESTRIAN A   family   owned   business   set   in   approximately   50   acres,   situated   in   the   village of    Godshill    on    the    edge    of    the    New    Forest    National    Park,    just    outside Fordingbridge.    Arniss    Equestrian    is    managed    by    owner    Jan    Tupper    who welcomes   you   to   visit   the   centre   to   see   the   facilities   that   we   offer   and   to   meet our staff and horses 7 days a week.  Arniss   Farm   is   a   50   acre   site   with   direct   access   to   a   very   large   area   of   the finest   riding   country   in   the   south   of   England.   From   our   yard   you   can   ride   out in   to   the   New   Forest   without   using   public   roads.   Once   in   the   forest   there   are many    different    trails    to    ride    with    spectacular    views    of    the    beautiful countryside.  Tel:  01425 654114 Website BURLEY-VILLA SCHOOL OF RIDING Burley   Villa   offers   gentle   forest   hacking,   Western   Trails   and   short   breaks, taking   you   riding   amongst   the   wild   ponies   and   foals   in   the   beautiful,   ancient woodlands    of    the    New    Forest    National    Park.    We    welcome    beginners    on gentle,   walk   and   jog   Western   Trails   and   younger   children   can   join   us   riding   on a    ‘Kidz    Brush    n    Ride’    or    Pony    Trail    around    our    fields    and    woods.    More experienced   riders   can   ride   into   the   National   Park   on   group   Walk   and   Trot   or Private   Canter   Hacks   and   we   welcome   all   standards   on   English   or   Western saddle Riding Lessons in our Indoor or Outdoor Arenas.  Tel:  01425 610278 Website  
Fishing Horse riding in the New Forest Cycling in the New Forest Beaulieu Model Flying WakeBoarding Canoeing & Kayaking

There are a number of activities for all of the family

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