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The   idea   of   creating   a   useful   guide   for   those   visiting   our   lovely   New   Forest,   and   the   much   copied   name   'New   Forest   Guide'   was   born   in   a   New   Forest   pub    back   in 1995   by   locals   Pete   (Photography)   &      Nick   (Web   Design).   We   have   both   lived   in   the   lovely   village   of   Hale    for   many   years   and   have   written   this   guide   simply because we love The New Forest Our   aim   is   to   provide   the   visitor   to,   and   the   residents   of   the   New   Forest   with   a   comprehensive   informative   and   enjoyable   website   covering   all   aspects   of   this wonderful   and   unique   area   whilst   helping   to   support   charities.   Many   of   our   pages   have   photographs    to   supplement   the   text,   extracted   from   our   library   of   more than   1,500   images.   We   work,   eat,   drink,   sleep   and   take   our   holidays   here,   and   have   written   this   guide,   (which   is   being   constantly   updated   and   enlarged)   simply because we love the New Forest. We hope that you will visit our beautiful New Forest and come to love it as much as we do. Our   New   Forest   Guide   has   local   information   plus   many   FREE   Desktop   Wallpapers   and   Images ,   so   please   feel   free   to   download   our   royalty   free   New   Forest photos for your personal use.


The New Forest is England's eighth National Park. It has 61 ancient monuments, 634 listed buildings and 18 conservation areas within it's boundaries. The   Forest   is   famous   for   its   wildlife,   particularly   ponies   and   cattle.   Although   they   appear   to   be   wild,   in   fact   they   are   all   owned   by   the   400   or   so   Commoners   in   the Forest. About 3,000 New Forest ponies wander freely across the Forest's heaths, woodland, roads and often into villages . The   New   Forest   actually   has   26   miles   of   coastline   which   includes   wildfowl,   egrets,   herons,   birds   of   prey   and,   of   course,   the famous   New   Forest   Ponies   who   can occasionally   be   glimpsed   rolling   in   sand-patches   on   our isolated   beaches.       It   is   also   part   of   the   wider   Solent   and   one   of   the   world's   most   famous   locations   for sailing. A visit to Bucklers Hard  is a must do for anyone who enjoys yachting and the peace and tranquillity that it brings. Sir   Arthur   Conan   Doyle,    author   of   Sherlock   Holmes,   nursing   heroine   Florence   Nightingale   and   a   not   so   well   known   lady   Alice   Hargreaves   are   all   buried   in   the New Forest.    Alice   Pleasance   Hargreaves   was   the   inspiration   behind   Lewis   Carroll’s   Alice   in   Wonderland,   when   she   asked   him   to   tell   her   a   story   on   a   boating   trip   in   Oxford. More information here.


If you are a biker or enjoy motorbikes then please visit our sponsored website pages  Wheelers Motorcycle Events. The web site was set up by the New Forest Guide team to support charities. Bikers can enjoy a great day out with their  machines and at the same time support a good cause. WheelersMCE are always looking for volunteers to help with Marshalling, stewarding and any other duties that will help the event/show to run smoothly. Events build up and take down is another aspect of the programme we are always looking to cover. We will supply florescent vests and make sure you are looked after on the day/days of the events taking place.


NEW FOREST MARKETS 2020 Hythe The centre of the village hosts a busy little market every Tuesday of the year (unless it falls on Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New year's Day). There is plenty of parking in the village if coming by car or you can take Hythe Ferry from Town Quay in Southampton. More Details Lymington Charter Market is a traditional market, established in 1250. 100+ stalls along Lymington High Street every Saturday from 8am until 4pm More Details New Milton street market which is held every Wednesday in Station Road 9am to 4pm More Details Ringwood Market every Wednesday has been in Ringwood for at least 780 years. Farm produce and general wares from 8am More Details BLASHFORD LAKES Open 9am - 4:30pm every day but Christmas Day. Best time to visit This reserve is spectacular in the winter, when huge flocks of overwintering birds fly onto the lakes to roost. Spring is also a great time to visit, when warblers are singing and the daffodils are in bloom. Entry fee Donations welcome – suggested donation £4. Parking information. The main car park is on north side of Ellingham Drove. Education Centre parking is on the south side of Ellingham Drove. More Details
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Minnie the Border Terrier is busy looking for the best locations in the New Forest to take her owner for a walk or cycle ride. She is always looking for owner friendly pubs so please click on her link below and let us know your favourites. We are happy to add your comments to the Minnie reviews coming soon. Look out for Minnie’s PAW ratings from 1 paw to 5 paw on dog friendly pubs, camp sites and foot paths.


We are delighted to announce that we’ve launched the Beta version of our online store, we hope you enjoy it and find it easy to navigate! We are adding new wallpaper/backgrounds as fast as we can and to celebrate we are offering our quality Wallpaper Backgrounds to download absolutely FREE of charge!
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